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fusing awe and intimacy to craft breathtaking Iceland elopements

Iceland is a sensory overload. It’s everything, everywhere, all at once in the best way. It’s a place to chase big landscapes and big feelings. There are so many things to explore and experience, time in Iceland moves faster and slower all at once.

So it’s about time.

Taking time to explore.
Finding time to relax.
Making time for rest and connection, without wasting any of it.

Let’s craft your elopement day at a pace that allows you to indulge with all five senses.

Full and multi day elopements that explore the fiery heart of Iceland

I want to plan my elopement!

You’re my people if you live for thrills. You love the rush of the unknown. Standing on a mountain, the wind whipping at your hair and clothes, makes you feel unstoppable.

Iceland is an exciting place to get married since you never know what’s next. We could start the day with blowing snow, and end it chasing rainbows next to sun soaked waterfalls.

No matter what happens, the one thing you can be sure of is you’ll probably never stop talking about it.

many places are known for their seasons - Iceland is known for having all of them in one day

Right down to the weather, Iceland gives you more

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This is your blog title. there's this much space.

Recent work

''Bettina doesn't just take photographs, she creates beautiful works of art.''

Katie Lambie - South Coast, 2023

Bettina photographed my wedding and the results were amazing! I am in awe of her talent! She got our pictures to us in a very timely matter and I couldn't have asked for anything better. She was amazing to work with every step of the way. Bettina is very friendly and has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and makes sure that you enjoy the entire process. She helped me to plan my wedding starting with recommendations for locations, hotels, dinner, flowers, hair ECT. I couldn't have done it without her. Worth every penny 

kind words from Clients

Kimberly Fitzgerald - Snæfellsnes peninsula, 2023

I seriously cannot recommend Bettina enough! Her photos were not only stunning but we had so much fun working with her. She was so flexible and kind and when it poured icy rain, she suggested we pause and pick up on a different day so that we got the most out of our photos. She made us feel so comfortable and honestly I just wanted to be friends with her…she’s that cool. I also still have people stopping me and commenting on how amazing my wedding photos are months later. She’s that good. When she delivered our album I honestly started crying because it felt like I was reliving that day. She did a perfect job and I highly recommend her!

kind words from Clients

Tiffany Lea - south coast, 2023

If you are considering eloping, DO IT and hire Bettina Vass! If you are considering having a big wedding, DON’T – go elope and hire Bettina Vass.  It was an incredible day – very special, unique, adventurous, and intimate – exactly what we wanted. Bettina was a big part of making that special day come true for us – we found her and LOVED her work.
She went above and beyond to make sure our elopement was perfect, and we could not be more grateful. On top of that, THE PHOTOS! Truly the most incredible and epic wedding photos I’ve ever seen. This experience was not for the faint of heart – if you elope (particularly in Iceland), you’ll have to be flexible and adventurous, but if that sounds like you, I cannot recommend Bettina enough.

kind words from Clients

Tova Alexandra - Reykjanes peninsula, 2023

Bettina is AMAZING! We eloped to Iceland in September and I am so happy we chose Bettina as our photographer. She is a wonderful human with so much talent and the photos we have from that magical day, I will cherish forever. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She went above and beyond and always made us feel comfortable and at ease, even though both of us were a bit nervous to elope in another country and had no idea what to expect

kind words from Clients


Heather Spake - Reykjanes peninsula, 2022

She was amazingly sweet and open minded. She had insight into location as well as connections to local vendors in the area. She was incredibly easy to work with throughout the entire process. I say all that to basically say OUR PHOTOS ARE STUNNING. She was amazing from start to finish. Our guests loved her and commented on how hard she worked to get the shots and was overall so much fun to be around. I cannot say enough good things about Bettina. She will work her butt off to make your day about you and your partner and give you so many incredible, breathtaking photos to cherish forever.

kind words from Clients



Sadly, I am not *actually* an Icelandic fairy. I’m a tiny Hungarian woman with a camera! My camera is my magic wand though, and Iceland is undeniably magical.
In photography math, that’s the same thing, right?

For 12 years, I’ve called Iceland home. 
Here, you’re never home without a special jacket called Úlpa. It’s robust, protects you from the elements and creates a cozy, comfortable barrier between you and the weather.

I’m more like an Úlpa. It’s my mission to help you feel at home, and explore in comfort. I create a cozy, warm atmosphere so you two can cuddle up and connect. 

Each moment you’re here lasts only seconds before the images are all that’s left. I help you sink into the moment, and forget everything else.

Hey, I’m Bettina!
Reykjavik based elopement photographer

‘‘Bettina is absolutely one of those Icelandic fairies you hear about. She must be, because she is made of and creates magic.” – Alex & Arik

This is me in my comfy and warm winter úlpa in front of a turf house 


Let's plan the best days of your lives and create magic together!

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