This is a serious investment, so it should also be a seriously good time.
Don’t hold back, this is a come as you are space! Dry, dark humor and a bit of oversharing is my specialty.
I believe a successful elopement day is measured by how free you felt to be yourselves. Whether we’ve been chatting for months like friends or we just met.

Let’s jump straight to the good stuff.

Iceland Elopement Photographer

Hi, I am Bettina

Let’s crack jokes and beers!


You’re my people if you live for thrills. You love the rush of the unknown. Standing on a mountain, the wind whipping at your hair and clothes, makes you feel unstoppable.

Iceland is an exciting place to get married since you never know what’s next. We could start the day with blowing snow, and end it chasing rainbows next to sun soaked waterfalls.

No matter what happens, the one thing you can be sure of is you’ll probably never stop talking about it.

honesty and transparency are words I live by, so I’ll be blunt:

My approach to photography is centered on capturing relationships, friendship, nostalgia, memories, and personality, rather than technicality and posing. 
I strive to help you have fun, forget about the world as you explore a new, epic landscape, and let your heart race as you recite your vows.

When I was 7, my parents got married without me. They promised they’d bring back lots of photos for me to relive it with them, but they never did. It turned me into an obsessive photo taker through my teen years - worried I’d miss another moment. Until my dad deleted all my files, again thinking it wasn’t all that special (yeah it’s messed up). I was crushed. Actually, I’m still not really over it. 

That’s exactly why I take it very seriously that I’m capturing something for you, your family and maybe even your future kids to enjoy. For everyone who won’t be there but wants to be, your photos are a literal time capsule.

I’m aware of the little things you might overlook. Little details, unique perspectives and unplanned moments go a long way in storytelling. You might not think so now, but even those traditional portraits I encourage you to take will likely become your favorites someday. 

Do it for grandma! Or at least Bettina’s inner 7 year old.

Elopement photography heals my FOMO

”How did you end up in Iceland?”

I’d like to say it was something romantic, like love - but honestly, I just really wanted to go somewhere. 12 years ago, I moved from Hungary to a village of 500 people in northern Iceland. Then one night in a Reykjavik jazz bar, I met my husband, Baldur, when he was performing with his band. 

An Icelandic Jazz musician?? Yeah, no chance. It was game over the second we met.

So, I didn’t move here for love, but it is one of the reasons I stayed.

That, and our cat Momo. He showed up at our window a few years ago and we made the mistake of inviting him in. He owns the place now. It’s his world and we’re just living in it!

the question I’m always asked! So here’s the answer: