Your elopement should feel like one big, intoxicating dose of adventure. Side effects include: a dopamine rush, nostalgic chills, and feverishly looking through your gallery over and over.

We start with the experience, and the rest falls into place

there’s no such thing as bad weather - just poor planning and bad clothes

You’re probably full of questions, just like Iceland is full of unknowns. It’s an easy place to get caught off guard if you’re not prepared.

My focus is to equip you with all my local knowledge, so that you get to do and see everything you want – maybe even more – while staying one step ahead of the elements.

Get wild. Today’s the day! Pop a bottle, go exploring, dance in the desert, do your thang. We’ll provide prompts to help you get comfortable (no need to worry about what to do with your hands), but mostly we’ll just hang out and let the magic happen. 

Get nostalgic. Relive your day again and again with photos you’ll cherish forever.

Brace yourselves:dopamine rush incoming

“The picnic she prepared for us was SO beyond our expectations – she did not have to do that, but it ended up being one of our favorite moments of the day. She’s a genius and knew what we needed, even when we didn’t.” 
– Tiffany

Let’s create a day that will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart every time you relive it

low key, epic and unforgettable

Adventures have a way of bonding us closer. Between the normal deep talks and sarcastic jokes, you’ll be able to stand in silent awe. Eloping in Iceland is an experience that will strengthen your relationship, and remind you of all the reasons you’re soulmates.

In Iceland, you can’t force anything because the elements have their own plans. You can only embrace the day as it unfolds, knowing it’s all part of the fun.

Katie Lambie - South Coast, 2023

Bettina photographed my wedding and the results were amazing! I am in awe of her talent! She got our pictures to us in a very timely matter and I couldn't have asked for anything better. She was amazing to work with every step of the way. Bettina is very friendly and has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and makes sure that you enjoy the entire process. She helped me to plan my wedding starting with recommendations for locations, hotels, dinner, flowers, hair ECT. I couldn't have done it without her. Worth every penny 

kind words from Clients

Kimberly Fitzgerald - Snæfellsnes peninsula, 2023

I seriously cannot recommend Bettina enough! Her photos were not only stunning but we had so much fun working with her. She was so flexible and kind and when it poured icy rain, she suggested we pause and pick up on a different day so that we got the most out of our photos. She made us feel so comfortable and honestly I just wanted to be friends with her…she’s that cool. I also still have people stopping me and commenting on how amazing my wedding photos are months later. She’s that good. When she delivered our album I honestly started crying because it felt like I was reliving that day. She did a perfect job and I highly recommend her!

kind words from Clients

Tiffany Lea - south coast, 2023

If you are considering eloping, DO IT and hire Bettina Vass! If you are considering having a big wedding, DON’T – go elope and hire Bettina Vass.  It was an incredible day – very special, unique, adventurous, and intimate – exactly what we wanted. Bettina was a big part of making that special day come true for us – we found her and LOVED her work.
She went above and beyond to make sure our elopement was perfect, and we could not be more grateful. On top of that, THE PHOTOS! Truly the most incredible and epic wedding photos I’ve ever seen. This experience was not for the faint of heart – if you elope (particularly in Iceland), you’ll have to be flexible and adventurous, but if that sounds like you, I cannot recommend Bettina enough.

kind words from Clients

Tova Alexandra - Reykjanes peninsula, 2023

Bettina is AMAZING! We eloped to Iceland in September and I am so happy we chose Bettina as our photographer. She is a wonderful human with so much talent and the photos we have from that magical day, I will cherish forever. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She went above and beyond and always made us feel comfortable and at ease, even though both of us were a bit nervous to elope in another country and had no idea what to expect

kind words from Clients


Heather Spake - Reykjanes peninsula, 2022

She was amazingly sweet and open minded. She had insight into location as well as connections to local vendors in the area. She was incredibly easy to work with throughout the entire process. I say all that to basically say OUR PHOTOS ARE STUNNING. She was amazing from start to finish. Our guests loved her and commented on how hard she worked to get the shots and was overall so much fun to be around. I cannot say enough good things about Bettina. She will work her butt off to make your day about you and your partner and give you so many incredible, breathtaking photos to cherish forever.

kind words from Clients



By now, you know: Iceland is a wild card. Volcanoes, freak snow storms, plunging temperatures and arctic winds - we’ve got it all. That means being prepared is non-negotiable.

The trunk of my car is stocked with everything. I’ve got blankets, a steamer, food, hand warmers, crampons, flashlights and even eyelash glue. If a snowstorm strands you in your cabin before your elopement day, I know which nearby farmer to call and haul you out (yes, that actually happened).

Being local is about more than knowing the prettiest secret spots to take you, it’s about being safe, mitigating risk and showing up prepared.

I’m Bettina, Iceland based elopement photographer

For 12 years, Iceland has been my home. I have local know-how and resources to draw on, no matter what happens

What you can expect from every package

 I’m listening and taking notes. Anything you tell me might spark an idea.

If we need to pivot, we pivot! Eloping in Iceland requires backup A, B, C and D. I consider this and have flexible hours and locations calculated into each package.

Community is important in Iceland. It’s how we manage the extreme weather here. When the elements throw us curveballs, I lean into my local network for help.

I try to be one step ahead, always. I stay in front of all the little hiccups so you never even see them. There’s always a way to make your experience even better.

“She thought of *everything*. Bits of ribbon and pretty props for the macro shots of our rings and Vow books.” 
– Jessica

 Iceland Photography
 Packages & Pricing

✓ Unlimited pre-elopement consultations
✓ Location scouting assistance
✓ Local vendor recommendations
✓ Private sneak peeks in 3 days
✓ Password protected online gallery
✓ Unlimited full-resolution downloads
✓ Full printing and sharing rights
✓ All photographer travel fees and expenses included

Instead of hourly-based packages, I exclusively offer full day and multi-day elopement photography options. This allows me to fully focus on you, and for you to fully relax.


“If you are considering eloping, DO IT and hire Bettina! If you are considering having a big wedding, DON’T – go elope and hire Bettina!”
 – Tiffany

Ways to tell if we’re a good fit

I truly want you to have fun, so let’s do a vibe check

We’re a good fit if:

✅ you find the fun in every moment
✅ your down for “whatever the weather” 
✅ you see a dirty dress as big success 
✅ you love being in action and natural poses
✅ you love the unpredictability of adventure
✅ you’ve got a BIG sense of humor

We’re not a good fit if:

❌ you’re a very serious person
❌ anything but perfect weather will ruin your day
❌ clean shoes are more important than a good time
❌ perfection and posing are your top priority
❌ you prefer structure over spontaneity
❌ a bit of swearing and dark humor make you squirm


A local touch

Attention to detail

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Just you, your love, a jaw-dropping backdrop anywhere in the world, and a day that’s 100% all about connecting with each other. Just you, your love, a jaw-dropping backdrop anywhere in the world.

Starting at $5,000

Package one

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Throw a party with the crew whose love and support helped get you to this moment. Indoor, outdoor, anywhere in the world with up to 75 guests. 

Starting at $6500

Package two

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A picture never changes, even when the people in it do. You’ve already walked through many seasons together. In the years to come, you’ll keep growing, evolving, building a life together. But photos will let you relive who you are, together, right now.

Starting at $500

Package three

There can be a lot of driving in Iceland between famous locations. Make sure you account for this if you’re interested in multiple locations. A multi day elopement gives you a lot more flexibility and time to see glaciers, lagoons, waterfalls, black sand beaches, active lava flows, northern lights, hot springs and more!

How do we know if we need a full day or multiple days?

After capturing 100+ elopements, I’ve learned that hourly packages have too many limitations. The artistry required to get the captivating images you admire in my portfolio are only possible by allotting ample time to adapt, explore, and connect.

Why don’t you offer hourly packages?

Your perception of bad weather probably differs from us who call Iceland home! In the last 3 years, I’ve only had to reschedule one elopement due to dangerous weather conditions. Instead of dreading the weather, I encourage you to embrace it as all part of the Iceland experience. As a photographer, I know how to capture stunning images in all conditions.

What happens if we run into absolutely terrible weather?

What the FAQ?

no matter what the FAQ happens, I’ve got you!

Get married in a church! But seriously, mud, wind and sideways rain are part of the Iceland elopement experience. We’ll make sure to get your closeups at the beginning of the day, but don’t expect your hair to stay in place much past that :P

How do I avoid getting my dress or shoes muddy?

As a local, I know when, where and how to avoid crowds. Although it’s not 100% avoidable, I do everything I can to maximize your chances for privacy!

We’re worried about tourists in our photos - how do we get around them?

I live in Iceland, so I provide you with all my inside knowledge and referrals to other talented local vendors which I trust. I am not a wedding planner, so I won’t book anything for you, but I do equip you with everything you need to know.

How much do you help with the “planning” of our elopement?

I do not offer videography. I do however work side by side with one of the most talented video experts in Iceland, Michal at M Video, and recommend you hire him! We are a great team and work together seamlessly.

Do you offer videography?

My in depth Iceland elopement guides

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