Iceland Adventure Couple Photoshoot surrounded by stunning snowy landscape


Iceland adventure couple photoshoot at the Reykjanes Peninsula

Hailey & Brian



Winter time in Iceland can be challenging with a lot of crazy storms, snow, wind and limited amount of daylight.
Hailey and Brian were travelling in Europe and made a few days long stop in Iceland before heading back to the U.S where they live. The photoshoot was a good opportunity to put her wedding gown on again and celebrate their Iceland trip and anniversary with some stunning photographs and a unique experience. It’s not really common to experience a perfectly calm winter day in Iceland but we were lucky enough to schedule their photo session on one of those rare days. It was a beautiful windless day with perfect blue sky and (not so perfect) harsh sun.



Bettina Vass Photography
Iceland Elopement Photographer based in Reykjavik.

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