Gloomy Adventure Love Story Photoshoot close to Reykjavik and in-home session at the Blue Lagoon


Gloomy adventure Love photoshoot in an epic landscape close to Reykjavik and in-home couple session at the magical Blue Lagoon

Aly & Zack



Plot: couple in love, adventure, Iceland, gloomy and moody weather, Blue lagoon, silica mask, blue dress

Style: Adventure Love Story

Setting: Adventurous couple in love from Seattle exploring the epic Reykjanes Peninsula in the moody weather then relaxing in the famous and epic Silica Hotel aka Blue Lagoon.

Perspective: ‘We are Aly and Zach, graphic designers from Seattle, WA. We have been married for almost 4 years now and love traveling the world. We have been to Greece, Japan, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and many states across the USA! We both love photography, but have never made the time for photos of the two of us together. We are so excited to work with you and create lasting memories on our trip to Iceland.’
’We are so excited to experience Iceland and to meet you soon. The day of the 19th, we are planning to do the photoshoot and then relax at the Blue Lagoon afterward. It is our chill day before we leave for a road trip around Iceland! We would love to meet you in Grindavik for coffee (We love a trendy coffee shop with an oat milk latte haha) then drive over to the peninsula together.’
’These are amazing!! You are so incredibly talented!! Thanks so much Bettina!’

Characters: couple in deep love: Aly & Zach
photographer: Bettina Vass Photography
second shooter: Baldur Tryggvason (my other half)
location 1.: Reykjanes Peninsula
location 2.: Silica Hotel

’Bettina is not only a talented photographer, but is someone you can become instant friends with. She is sweet and makes you feel comfortable behind the camera. We spent most of the day with her and Baldur, driving around to beautiful locations. It was so nice capturing high quality memories of our time in Iceland and something we will cherish forever. We hope to see Bettina and Baldur again some day, and we can’t thank them enough!’

This story has been featured on the We Are The Wanderers blog.


Bettina Vass Photography
Iceland Elopement Photographer based in Reykjavik.

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  1. Magdalena Głowacka says:

    The frame with rocks just blew me away. Loved also the frames in water. So intimate and moody!

  2. Kylie says:

    That fog just resonates with me. Your work is phenomenal! You did such an amazing job at showcasing diversity with the locations and elements.

  3. Brady Bates says:

    THESE ARE SO GOOD omg I love the lagoon photos! Iceland is such a dream, I cannot wait to go back!

  4. Kestrel Bailey says:

    These are beautiful! I love the final images relaxing at the hotel and lagoon especially. I felt like it was a really cool, unique perspective on a location that gets shown alot. Beautiful images!

  5. Trevor says:

    Beautiful set of images. You’ve really captured the location and the couple perfectly!

  6. These are just dreamy! You’ve captured the landscape perfectly. Makes me want to visit Iceland soon!

  7. Stephanie Betsill says:

    Beautiful!! I love your earthy and true to life editing style!! That’s so cool that they had a room right at the Blue Lagoon.

  8. Okay, this gives me all the happy feels! You captured iceland in the most epic and genuine way!!

  9. Justyna E Butler, Intimate Weddings + Adventure Elopements says:

    Absolutely incredible shoot! And on my bucket list to shoot in Iceland!

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